Vitafol® Nano
Preconception and Prenatal Supplement
Planning to get pregnant? Pregnant, and having difficulty swallowing pills?
Are you planning to get pregnant, OR are Pregnant, and having difficulty swallowing pills? Vitafol® Nano may be right for you.
Vitafol® Nano
Vitafol® Nano

Preconception and Prenatal Supplement

Supplement Facts

Vitafol® Nano for preconception

Ideal for Preconception

Why Vitafol®-Nano?

Vitafol Nano contains 6 essential nutrients, in amounts that meet daily recommended intake. It’s a very small tablet that’s easy to take and is gluten and lactose free.

What is folate?

Folate is essential for women planning pregnancy. Folic acid is a common source of folate. It is a B vitamin that is found in some foods and in vitamin supplements.

Why is folate important?

Folate supports healthy cell growth and division. Major US health organizations like USDA and institute of medicine recommend taking folic acid before pregnancy2,3 However, many studies report that women in US do not take enough folic acid.4,5,6

What folate is best for me?

Folic acid goes through 4 steps of conversion, to a form usable by body. Nearly 1 in 2 women may have difficulty doing that.7,8,9,10 Vitafol®-Nano contains 1000 mcg Folate with 600 mcg as Metafolin®, which provides folate in its biologically active form.

Vitafol® Nano for pregnancy

So, you just found out that you are pregnant…

Pregnancy: An exciting and sensitive period

Pregnancy can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Your body is undergoing changes to prepare for your bundle of joy. Multivitamins are extremely important for both mother and baby, as they provide the nutrition needed at this crucial time.

Taking pills can be hard…

You are not alone. Up to 4 of every 5 pregnant women in the US deal with nausea, morning sickness and other related issues.1 Taking any kind of pills, especially large pills with fish oil may seem like a big challenge.

Vitafol-Nano®: Smallest prenatal supplement available

Taking your multivitamin daily is very important. Vitafol®-Nano provides essential nutrients for your body in an extremely small, easy to swallow and tolerable pill. This may allow you to continue necessary nutrition, even when nausea strikes.

Vitafol-Nano®: Small, and more…

Vitafol®-Nano contains 1 mg Folate, and 5 other essential nutrients, and is also gluten and lactose free.

Ask your doctor about Vitafol®-Nano today…

Vitafol®-Nano… Redefining Small!

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